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Cost to Ship Motorcycle

While financial austerity is being observed across the countries of the world (even though signs of recovery is being noticed), saving a dollar is very important. Motorbike shipping is no exception. This is the industry which can never defer its businesses; even if the world ceases to deliver its transportation services. With its own transportation management infrastructure, the motorcycle shipping companies as a whole keep their services alive by being competitive.

When motorcycle shipping services are to be continued without having interruption to allow the businesses of the US to run, they need to be professionally and technically well-equipped and efficient. At the same time, they should be capable of meeting the needs of the individual customers or corporate clients. But, what lies on the upper crust of the minds of each customer is how competitive the shipping charges are. Customers may be sending their bikes of small sizes or it may be volume shipping. But, whatever the weight or numbers of shipments may be, the shipping charges should be competitive as well as competent in delivering services. Even if the shipping companies are not offering affordable rates, shippers can consider some means instead to lower the shipping prices. Those means are as follows.

Small size shipments are cheaper. It should be kept in mind that if your shipment is occupying more space, you will have to bear higher bills. Smaller modules take up less space and cost less to ship. Freight shipping companies will not only consider weight of your shipments, but they will see how much space your shipments are taking up on their trucks.

Always determine if shipping will be done door to door. Be extremely wary of storage terminals and highly discounted pricing for shipments that take a long time (cross country should be only 7-10 days). The price may be really cheap, but your bike may not appear at it’s destination in good shape, if at all.

Enclosed shipping is the best and safest, but can add up to $300 to the cost of transport. Open shipping is also safe, and over 10,000 vehicles a week are shipped open carrier with no problems whatsoever.

All these tips are simply meant for showing ways to lower motorcycle shipping rates charges. Offers of various shipping companies will differ, but make certain that you determine the amount that is being offered to a driver (carrier). Everything else is fluff and nonsense. When you get that sweet sounding all inclusive price, find out the broker fee hidden inside. Some brokers want to charge $250 or more for their service and not offer a driver enough to ship your motorcycle. What happens? You get a call demanding more money! Why? You got conned with that bogus “all inclusive”. Always ask, “How much to the driver?” Always! It will save you a bundle when choosing a motorcycle transport broker.

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